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The Cat Hotel has been designed with the help of veterinarian doctors and experienced pet care professionals.

Temperatură controlată

The right temperature

24/7 temperature recording and adjustment for maximum comfort.

Medical supervision

Medical supervision

We know that everything is ok with your cat - our doctor interacts with them every day.

Daily photo journal

Daily photo journal

We keep you updated on your cat's advetures by daily posts of photos on Facebook & Instagram.

Security monitoring

Physical security

24/7 video recording and intrusion detection by a well know security company.


We know that most cats love their privacy so we made it easy for them to feel well protected but also pampered.

Cușete individuale

Individual booths

Every cat has it's own separate space - that it can share with a cat from the same family.

Zonă de toaletă privată

Private restroom area

Each booth has it's own restoom area, hidden from anybody's eyes.

Loc de dormit protejat

Private sleeping area

Providing the perfect place for sleeping and also hiding, the bedroom is placed at the highest point of the booth so it doubles as a good observation point. The custom made mattresses provice maximum comfort & hygiene.

Lumină naturală

Natural light

For the Cat Hotel, we chose a room where an entire exterior wall is made just of glass.

Fun & activities

We're also prepared for the playful cats! The shared playgound offer multiple activites for the cats to enjoy.

Cat Wheel

Cat Wheel

"Hamsters should not be the only ones to have a running wheel", the cats meowed. So we did our best and got them the right solution - the Cat Wheel.

Sisaluri gigant

Interactive & special toys

Giant sisal and interactive laser? Balls that move on their own? Many other toys? Of course!

Timp de joacă individual

Individual playtime

We know that without proper motivation, most of the cats don't play on their own. At the Cat Hotel, our caretakers play with each cat every day!

TV cu program pisicesc

Kitten TV. On!

Special tv shows keep the cats entertained by sounds and images. Time flies when you're having fun!

Book online

(it's easier)

If for your required dates the form shows no available rooms, please call.
Some other bookings can be be unconfirmed/ not final and might be cancelled to make room for you.

During high season (legal holidays, summer, etc) it's possible for us to request an advance payment (at least 50%) for confirmation of booking.

Requirements for staying at the Cat Hotel

  • Check-in is between 4PM and 19:30PM. Check-out is between 12PM and 15:30PM.
  • The cat must arrive in it's own carry case (that will remain at the hotel).
  • Cats of over 1.5years old (males/females) must be neutered/spayed
  • Nails must be trimmed (or we will trim the for free).
  • A health book is necessary as proof of vaccinations & deworming that cover the booking period.
  • Cats with diseases that can be easily transmitted to other customers of the hotel are not allowed
  • Good or average health condition (without the need of intensive medical care - like fluid therapy, monitoring, etc)


Prices & promotions

What are the prices at the Cat Hotel?

  • From 89 lei* per night All inclusive (food, water, etc)
  • 29 lei one time fee / reservation (full cleaning, etc).
  • 20 lei /night - second cat from same family, in the same booth.

*During high season periods and weekends the price can increase by 10-30lei/night. You can see the final price for your booking by selecting the dates in the booking form above.

Other services

  • Vaccinations, dewormings, current treatments: from 20 lei/day - price on request

What are the discounts for longer stays?

  • We are currently offering a special discount of 10% for bookings of over 10 night and 30% for bookings of at least 30 nights. The discount is applied to the normal price of the selected period. You can see the final price directly in the booking form/interface - all requests of over 10 or 30 days will have the discount applied and reduced price will be listed.

Payment for the booking must be made upon checking - no matter the duration of the stay. During high season, a 50-100% advance might be required for confirmation of booking. The reservations for >30 nights can be paid on a monthly basis (month by month in advance, not full period in advance).

How can I cancel my booking?

Cancellation is free if you let us know with at least 7 days prior to your booking start. Cancelling with less than 7 days in advance is not possible and the entire booking must be paid (if your booking is for more than 7 days, only the first 7 days will have to be paid).

Can I change the booking duration once the checkin was made?

Changing the duration of the stay during the stay can be made only by adding extra days, respecting the conditions of the booking agreement. Shortening the stay during the stay it's possible only if the remaining stay duration is longer than 7 days, and in this case it can be shortened to 7 days. You can retreive the cat at any moment but booking times shorter than 7 days will not be reimbursed. This is due to the fact that we have many moments with 100% occupancy and because of your booking, other customers have been refused. Loosing your booking days while refusing other customers means a financial loss for us and an effort of finding another solution, for the customers that were refused.

What documents are needed at check-in /check-out?

At check-in you must give us the cat's health book and also sign an agreement (click for the draft). At check-out, you will return the health book to you and also ask you to sign on the check-in agreement that the booking is finished and the cat has been picked-up. In case you also request some medicine administration during the stay, we might ask you for the prescrition/indications that the vet gave you about that treatment. This only happens when the treatment seems a little unusual or very complex and we will let you know of this over the phone, when we confirm the booking, if you request the medicine adminsitration in the booking form.

About bookings and our location

Online booking seems difficult for me. What other options do I have?

You can also make a booking by phone, on 0751.20.91.90 or directly at our recetion. We are located inside Perfect Pet Berceni - Str. Anton Bacalasa 17a, Bucuresti . Other accepted methods are: over email, on [email protected] (your phone number must be included in the email) or even on Whataspp, on Whatsapp. We will answer to all these requests during our booking manager's working hours - Monday-Friday 11-20. All bookings are considered valid only after a confirmation by phone, done by one of our operators.

Can we see the Hotel before booking or checkin?

Sure! You can visit us anytime. Our addresses are Cat Hotel Berceni - Str. Anton Bacalbasa 17a, sector 4, Bucuresti and Cat Hotel Stefan cel Mare - Str. Luncsoara 6c, Sector 2, Bucuresti . We recommend a phone call in advance, so that we can schedule the needed time for a proper presentation of our Hotel, but you can also visit without an appointment, the only downside being that we might be busy and unavailable to explain to you as much as we would like. For booking a visit, you can call 0751.20.91.90 during our booking manager's working hours - Mo-Fr 11-20.

Where is Cat Hotel located?

We have 2 locations:

Str. Anton Bacalbasa 17a, Sector 4, Bucharest

Str. Luncsoara 6c, Sector 2, Bucharest

You address is too far from me. What can I do?

Choose our Pet Taxi service from the options available during the online booking process. The cost is 99 lei for pickup (checkin) and 99 lei for bringing back home(checkout). Price valid for Bucharest addresees. For Ilfov, call us. You can opt for only one option (checking/checkout) or both.

Requirements for check-in. Benefits during stays.

What requirements must be met in order for a cat to be accepted for check-in?

Vaccination, deworming and flea treatment, under active period. No serious health problems. If for any reason you don't meet the previous requirements, call us and one of our doctors will try to understand if we can make an exception

What should I bring from home?

Your cat in it's favourite carry case, health book and the smile of someone who is ready for his vacation. We supply the food, bottled water, litter sand, comfy mattress, fluffy blanket, toys, special kitty TV programs, playtime mood and worry free experience. On request, your cat can even get our wifi password, but we recommend no work & only rest and play while staying at the Cat Hotel. Of course, any personal items that your cat loves to bring along, are accepted (as long as they fit through the door). Most common items are - own bed/cat mattress from home, personal blanket or toys, water and food bowls or favourite food - if it's not available in our list of free included foods.

What food is included in the Cat Hotel's menu?

Our guest can choose dry food from Lily's Kitchen, Orijen, Taste of the Wild and Royal Canin - one or more variations from each brand. Of course - if your pet has a favourite brand or favours wet food - you can bring your own and even instruction on how you'd like the food to be served. Multiple choices of wet food are available in our shop, so you can buy some to offer as treats from time to time.

Will my cat meet other cats during the stay?

In order to avoid "tense political discussions", cats that are from different families will not during their time with us - not even supervised on the playground. Cats from the same families can share a booth and use the playground at the same time.

Will my cat get private human-time while staying with you?

We guarantee at least 15 minutes of interaction with one of our caretakers every day - even more if we are not fully booked. This is valid for cats that like to interact with humans. Also, we aim at offering at least 1 hour of daily access to the playground - but when not fully booked or when some booths are occupied by older or non-social cats, the ones that appreciate more free time outside of the booth get up to 2-4 hours of daily playground time.

Is the litter sand included?

Clumping sand is included in unlimited quantity. We clean it as often as necessary - usually 2-4 times per day. If you cat has a certain different type or brand of litter sand, you can bring your own or ask if it's available in our shop.

How often do you clean the booth?

The sand box is cleaned as often as necessary - usually 2-4 times per day. Water and food bowls are cleaned on a daily basis and whenever the guest in a booth changes. The blanket that we keep on the cat mattress is washed every time the guest changes or even during the stay of a guest if he gives us "reason" to.

Other questions

Why should I bring the cat to the Hotel instead of leaving it in the house alone for a few days? My friends do this!

Even if cats are rather independent, leaving them alone for more than a day can cause them some problems. They will feel abandoned and because of this, they might even make a mess in the house. Also, being used to human presence and having no ability of measuring time or understanding the concept of "the human family will be back in 3 days", the time alone might seem as an eternity. Another problem is the food and water - some cats eat all the food that's left in a bowl, no matter how huch or might drink the big bowl of water faster than you think - and end up without water & food for a period. Even if they don't eat&drink everything fast, wet food is not an option and dry food will get drier - until you come back. Leaving them at the Hotel means - fresh food & water, all dietary particularities being met, daily human interaction and zero worries for you.

I have a question that is not answered above. How can I find the answer?

You can e-mail us on [email protected] or call us on 0751.20.91.90. Our front desk opening hours are Monday - Friday 12-20, Saturday 10-18.

Our locations:

Cat Hotel Berceni:
inside Perfect Pet Berceni
Str. Anton Bacalbasa 17A
T: 0751.209.190
E: [email protected]
Reception hours L-V 11-19 / S-D 11-17
Waze link: click
Google Maps link: click
Parking: free private parking

Cat Hotel Ștefan cel Mare:
inside Perfect Pet Stefan cel Mare
Str. Luncsoara 6c
T: 0751.209.190
E: [email protected]
Reception hours L-V 11-19 / S-D 11-17
Waze link: click
Google Maps link: click
Parking: free private parking

Location photos - on Facebook & Instagram: